Board Roles#


  • Acts as the chair if no chair is assigned

  • Acts as the Executive Director, if there isn’t one

  • Has contract signing and spending authorization powers

  • Is the link between the board and the Executive Director, and acts as the ED’s line manager

  • Sits on the compensation, executive and finance committees


  • Stands in for the President in their absence


  • This is an optional position

  • Prepares an agenda and sends it to the board before each meeting

  • Chairs each board meeting

  • Sits on the governance committee


  • Ensures board oversight of the Foundation’s financials

  • Regularly reports to the board on the Foundation’s finances (cash, receivables, outstanding bills, expenditures, income)

  • Sits on the compensation and finance committees

Assistant Treasurer#

  • Assists the treasurer


  • Takes minutes of board and advisory board meetings

  • Publishes meeting minutes

  • Takes note of actions and discussion since the preceding meeting (such as items discussed on the board mailing list) and ensures they are included in the meeting minutes.

  • Strives to keep information (such as process documentation) organized.


  • Acts as the secretary if they are absent, and generally helps with secretarial duties