Issue Tracking

Each GNOME module has an issue tracker in its GitLab project. This is where problems with GNOME’s software can be reported.

General guidelines

GNOME’s issue tracker is a vital development tool whose role is to track issues and tasks. Everyone who uses it has a responsibility to make sure that it continues to work effectively. This means:

  • taking time and care when creating reports - see the issue reporting guidelines

  • not using the issue tracker frivolously

  • avoiding idle discussion, “me too” comments, and repetition of points that have already been made

  • staying on topic

  • ensuring that comments are succinct and not overly verbose

  • updating your own issues when their status changes (such as no longer being relevant or being resolved)

  • being polite and empathetic, and following the code of conduct

Contributing to issue review

Reviewing GNOME’s issue reports is an extremely valuable activity. These pages include guidelines and advice on how to do this, including advice for contributors who want to help.