New Issue Template#

It is recommended that modules use a default issue template. To do this, copy the text below into a file at the following location in your project: ./gitlab/issue_templates/

The template should be adapted to suit your project.

Welcome to the <module name> tracker. Please carefully read the issue reporting guidelines before completing your issue report:

* Make sure to search to see if there is an existing report for your issue
* Do not use this issue tracker to request new features or functionality - instead please create a Discourse post using the <module> tag
* Always makes sure to describe your personal experience of the issue, and to include specifics of what happened
* Make sure to include any necessary supplementary information, such as a stack trace for crashes or screenshots of interface issues

Please complete the affected version information below, before describing your issue.

# Affected version

* Distribution, including version (example: "Ubuntu 20.04"):
* <insert module name> version (example: "45.1"):
* Package format and distributor (example: "Flatpak from Flathub"):

# Issue description