The GNOME Foundation is the non-profit organization behind the GNOME Project. It is a membership-based organization, and every GNOME contributor is entitled to be a member, giving them a voice in how the Foundation is run. The Foundation provides leadership, financial backing, logistical support and legal services to the GNOME community. It also acts as a meeting point for the project’s partners.

More information on the GNOME Foundation can be found on its web pages, including: governance, legal and trademarks, membership and contact details.

Parts of the Foundation#

  • Membership - every GNOME contributor is entitled to become a member.

  • Board of Directors - responsible for governing the Foundation, elected annually by the membership.

  • Advisory Board - fee-paying and non-fee-paying partners who regularly meet with the Board of Directors.

  • Staff - the Foundation employs a small number of people, including an Executive Director, Director of Operations, and contractors.

  • Committees - teams appointed by the board to do Foundation work

Support for community members#

In addition to managing key aspects of the GNOME project, the GNOME Foundation also provides support to community members. For example, there is financial and logistical help available. This includes:

Support available


Reimbursement for travel and accommodation, particularly to conferences and hackfests

Travel Committee

Supplies for small events, such as release parties, workshops and hacking sessions. Can include drinks, snacks, speaker travel, equipment hire

Request sponsorship

Help finding venues for events

Board of Directors

If financial assistance is needed for something that isn’t covered in this list, please don’t hesitate to contact the Executive Director or Board of Directors.