New GNOME Projects#

This page describes how to create a new software project that is part of the GNOME GitLab group.

Request a new repository#

To request a new repository under the GNOME namespace, you must first have GNOME developer access and have uploaded an SSH key to GitLab.

To request the repository, open an infrastructure issue with the following information:

  • The name for the new repository. This must only contain lowercase letters, digits, and ‘-’ (with an exception to allow uppercase for names starting with “perl-“)

  • If the repository is already hosted online, a link to the current repository.

Import the project#

Once the new repository has been created, you can push branches and tags to it. If you have a local repository with the tags and branches you want (use git tag -l and git branch to list your tags and branches), then you can import all branches and tags with:

git remote add origin
git push origin --all

Once this is done, check in GitLab to make sure that you are happy with the contents of your repository.